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When should i take my child to the dentist for the first check-up?

In order to prevent dental problems, your child should see a pediatric dentist monroe ny when the first tooth appears, or no later than his/her first birthday.

First, rinse the irritated area with warm salt water and place a cold compress on the face if it is swollen. Give the child acetaminophen for any pain, rather than placing aspirin on the teeth or gums. Finally, see a dentist as soon as possible in a pediatric dentistry howell nj.

Primary, or "baby" teeth are important for many reasons. Not only do they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, they also aid in forming a path that permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt.

A check-up every six months is recommended in order to prevent cavities and other dental problems in a pediatric dentistry Howell NJ. However, your pediatric dentist monroe ny can tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health.

Fluoridated toothpaste should be introduced when a child is 2-3 years of age. Prior to that, parents should clean the child's teeth with water and a soft-bristled toothbrush. When toothpaste is used after age 2-3, parents should supervise brushing and make sure the child uses no more than a pea-sized amount on the brush. Children should spit out and not swallow excess toothpaste after brushing.

Make sure your child has a balanced diet, including one serving each of: fruits and vegetables, breads and cereals, milk and dairy products and meat, fish and eggs. Limiting the servings of sugars and starches will also aid in protecting your child's teeth from decay. You can also ask your pediatric dentist chester ny to help you select foods that protect your children's teeth.

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The pediatric dentist Monroe ny provide basic instructions to the children's tooth care. Our dental care provides good services to the children’s teeth in tip-top shapes. Our pediatric dentists is experienced in dental sedation and emergency dental care for all the children.

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Our Pediatric Dentistry Howell NJ recommends that children should see a dentist at least once every six months. To avoid child dental fear consult a pediatric dentist and get instructions from the dentist for healthy teeth in Pediatric Dentistry Howell NJ.